I had the best doctor appointment with my chronic pain management doctor today! My Fibromyalgia has finally stabilized enough that I can change my quarterly appointments to bi-annual! Thats only every SIX MONTHS!! Huge, huge win. Now I just need to get these chronic migraines back under control and I will be almost somewhat healthy!

Now this jumpsuit. I have been looking for a LBJ all summer and finaly SHEIN had one that didn’t break the bank! I mean this was only $20 – insane!

I got a ton of compliments which made my doctor office visit that much more exciting. It’s crazy how health can have such a massive impact on your life. A year ago I was using a walking cane daily due to my pain. Now, I haven’t used a cane in over 5 months and I couldn’t be more excited that the change came as a result of a new vitamin/supplement program. Screw the meds!

Outfit details:

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