Flowers & Chanel


I have been wanting this Chanel book for ever! Stoked that I have it and I am crazy into reading it every night. It’s such an eye opener into fashion and Coco’s life. I am so obsessed with her journey. Not to mention her designs 🙂

I definitely want to continue purchasing these books that go into such great detail around a designers life and journey to get where they are. Fashion is art. They are artists. And we are lucky enough to get to wear their work in admiration.

Fresh flowers – seriously one of my favorite things about summer. They add so much brightness to a room and if you’re lucky, a great smell to boot. I feel like this is something I always wish we had in the winter when we really need it to get out of our blizzard misery but, I guess that makes them all the more appealing when we get to have them in the spring and summer!

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