Chicago Blogger Events

Chicago is an amazing city for so many reasons. The restaurants, our many different neighborhoods – all with their own unique vibe, the lake and river, concerts, festivals, the list goes on.

The blogging community is also one worthy of mention, at least for me 😉 I have been lucky enough to meet to some of the most amazing people through the Chicago blogging and IG communities. People that I now consider good friends who I trust and am so happy to support through their journeys.

What’s really exciting to me is that we aren’t all fashion bloggers. Some focus on fashion, but others feature fitness, travel, health and food. I think thats what makes us so well rounded, is that we help add perspectives from different areas of expertise. Our diverse makeup invites like minded individuals to feel like they aren’t alone in this massive city.

So what is it that bloggers in Chicago do? I’ve rounded the events that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, and will continue to add as my blogging journey continues!

Chicago Bloggers Brunch & Shop

I happened to find this event as I was scrolling through Instagram one day and was so stoked that a) The event was in Chicago and b) I would be in town the weekend it was happening. Win! My first blogging event. I was nervous, not gonna lie.

You can read all about it here, and see an inside peak below!


Bloggers Friendsgiving

This was really my first event that led me to the amazing girls I have grown to love and care for. I was invited by the sweetest girl to join her at her Bloggers Friendsgiving that she was hosting along with another person (who was also incredibly sweet omg). There were a handful of girls there and everyone was so.. like-minded. It was the best day and I am so grateful to have been invited to this group. Don’t know what I would do without them now!

You can read more details here, and below is a lil snap shot of the day:

And the food was nothing short of fricken amazing – here’s a look at our spread-

Santa Baby Photo Shoot

This was our first sponsored event as a group! We are lucky enough to have someone who kicks ass at PR and hooked us up with a VIP experience at the pop up bar in Chicago, Santa Baby Bar. Needless to say, this was Christmas on crack.

Check it out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bloggers Social + Coffee Meet Up

Something that I love about this community we have is that people are all looking to help bloggers with different tips that will enable us to increase our engagement and continue to grow. We regularly meet up to discuss different topics from blogs and newsletters to the Instagram algorithm that continues to mystifies everyone. It’s unlike anything else to have such a supportive group of people. Below are just a couple videos of these meet ups and the lovely ladies that have been a part of them.

Charity Fashion Show 

Now this was cool. One of the girls in our group was involved in a charity fashion show that raised money for human sex trafficking awareness. A portion of the proceeds went to support the cause and our girl was modeling too!

Okay but this is what we did not know until we got home. This show took place in a $4,000,000+ house in Chicago. The garage we were in (which we thought was like, a shop) was this guy’s personal garage, casino and full bar. WHAT. Check out a clip of the space below – it’s crazy!

But this is a perfect example of what I love. I would have never in my life had the opportunity to attend an event like before I met this group. We are helping each other grow in so many more ways than just our IG or blog.

IMG_3219 (Kaitlin and Kelly, my dates for the night!)

ChiCityGirls take on Restaurant Week 2019

Our PR master worked her magic and was able to work with two amazing restaurants in Chicago who wanted to host us to promote their Restaurant Week menus. The managers were the sweetest people and treated us like VIPs at both places.

First stop was Barrio Chicago. This is an upscale Mexican restaurant featuring rustic-industrial decor and the BEST cocktails.

Next up was Taste 222 Chicago. Probably one of my new favorite spots for all things IG and March Madness.

See our experience in more detail here!

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