Wedding Caterer Tasting Night!

I think one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is getting to try out all of the food and sweets beforehand – its like a free perk people forget about! We decided to do a station-style reception because we really wanted to keep things low-key and not quite as formal. We just aren’t formal dinner people 😉 So we searched all over … Continue reading Wedding Caterer Tasting Night!

Stripes & Jumpsuits with a touch of blush

Stripes on stripes. Jumpsuits on jumpsuits. LOVING it all. This jumpsuit is so dang comfy and the little bow on the back of it makes it a little unique. Shout out to @TJ Maxx for those random finds on the racks when I’m shopping for something completely different! Still rocking my rose gold shoes sunglasses and blush purse combo and Im obsessed to say the … Continue reading Stripes & Jumpsuits with a touch of blush